Color of Music Collective

As Color of Music Collective's graphic design team member, I design graphics using Canva and Adobe Photoshop. One of the projects I've been involved with is COMC's Logo Revamp. I redesigned COMC's logo in three drafts using a new color palette of black, white, light blue, and lilac and incorporating a more mature and minimalistic feel. 

COMC Logo Redesign #2
COMC Logo Redesign #3

Sydney Romantics

Sydney Romantics is an Australian clothing brand specializing in T-shirts, shirts, socks, hats, and accessories. Through their Design & Branding Virtual Internship, I completed similar work that the team does at Sydney Romantics. I learned how, through their products and events, they build a community of romantics that love their brand and what they stand for.

Pure Sol

Pure Sol is a skincare brand that specializes in creating pure, simple, effective skincare and skincare tools for daily use. The brand is all about aging gracefully with the tools to give customers themselves at-home facials. Their products include konjac sponges, derma rollers, bath bombs, turmeric body scrub, hydrogel eye patches, and crystal gua sha stones. Below are 2 samples of social media graphics for the skincare brand.

Microneedling Derma Roller Tool.png

Chang'e Jewelry

Chang'e is named after the Chinese goddess of the moon. The brand is named after the moon goddess, in which the jewelry pieces reflect a goddess' gracefulness and elegance. 
This is a personal project that I made for the jewelry store. I created a moodboard for the store's branding, logo, and a mockup for the Instagram profile.

CHANG'E JEWELRY Instagram Profile
chang'e logo
Chang'e Moodboard