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The Cultural Reset

'The Cultural Reset (TCR)' is an organization that seeks to uplift the voices, artistic expression, and industry experiences of POC and LGBTQ+ artists navigating the music industry. Through conducting interviews with talent and publishing written reviews of album releases, TCR hopes to highlight underrepresented creatives and industry professionals to make a space for themselves in the music industry. As a member of TCR's Marketing Team, I write copy and captions for TCR's Instagram posts. 

TCR Instagram Post
CHUCKY BLK Album Review Post
Niambi Ra Interview
Meet The Team: Paula
Tyler Simone Interview
TCR Seeking Volunteers
Meet The Team: Vita

Keshia M. White

Keshia M. White is a web designer who helps high-achieving, visionary entrepreneurs create aligned aesthetics that breathe life into her clients’ brand stories through a high-quality, lead-generating digital presence. As Keshia's social media manager, I assist with writing captions, designing graphics for carousels and quotes, selecting photos, and posting photos, graphics, and captions according to schedule each weekday to Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook Business Page. 


Ray & Ann Shop 

Ray & Ann Shop is an Etsy shop based in New York that specializes in selling embroidered crewneck sweatshirts. As their social media manager, I assist with caption writing, content posting, and engagement. 

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PiikUp is a socially responsible delivery service for food and retail businesses located in Oakland, California. As PiikUp's Digital Communications Intern, I created social media graphics for PiikUp's Instagram and Twitter pages using Canva.

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PiikUp Social Media
PiikUp Social Media