Social Media Executive Summary

This writing piece called "Executive Summary" is an assignment from my Business Writing Class. The prompt is as stated "Search a database for an article using ProQuest, Google Scholar, EBSCO Host or any other of your choice, select an article related to a business topic you may be interested in from a business journal (i.e. Journal of Management). The article must be at least five pages long and a subject of interest that you prefer. Some examples you can search are: (1) Social Media Marketing, (2) Finance in Digital Business, (3) Accounting in the Digital Age, (4) or anything else that interests you." I chose social media marketing as my topic. 

Vyten Press Release

For my internship at Vyten Career Coaching, during the Public Relations rotation, I wrote a press release about Vyten's Internship Program. The prompt is as stated, "Write a press release (using the skills you learned from the PR courses) to announce your internship to the public and write about something you have found valuable in the program." 

Brand Authenticity Article

For my internship at Forage's Sydney Romantics Design & Branding Internship, I highlighted a brand that I share values with. I chose Dove because of its mission to shift society's beauty standards and promote self-confidence in women and girls. In my article, I talked about the importance of brands being dedicated to their values and showing action, not just stating them. Dove's commitment to promoting self-love and self-confidence through their campaigns and collaboration with youth organizations shows their authenticity. 

Job Interview Preparation Article

For my internship at Vyten, I wrote an example of an article about job interview preparation. This article is an example of content marketing and is relevant to Vyten's audience which is young, aspiring professionals.